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Useful Information About Home and Business Locks

It definitely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what type of lock sot have installed.  However, it is recommended by the locksmiths of Chesapeake Secure Locksmith, that you put some serious thought into the type of locks you have installed. This is because your safety and security is at stake. You can’t afford to make the wrong choice when it comes to your home or business locks. Your home is where you should feel the safest and your business is an important investment that should be protected. With so many different types of locks that you can choose from, it is easy to find a lock that will suit your needs. No matter how much time it might take for you to find the lock that you feel will offer you the most protection, we are certain that you’ll be able to get the lock that you want and need. If you decide to do some research to find out more about the types of locks you have to choose from, why not start by reading the rest our this article. We have highlighted some of the most commonly used locks used today.

Rim Locks/Mortise Locks

These are the locks that are found most often on apartment doors and commercial businesses. You will notice some similarities between the two types of locks but they have different hardware. The mortise lock offers you more options since is comes in different lengths and cams. This is based on its hardware. A rim cylinder lock is often installed on the interior of the door. A long piece comes out of the back and eventually connects with the locking mechanism. The mortise locks hardware is locked inside. It uses a cam to connect the lock and is screws keep it together.

Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolt lock is offered in single, double or thumb turn lock. Most homeowners opt to have the single cylinder lock installed. The key cylinder is on the outside of the door and the thumb turn is inside. This is what helps you to turn and open the door. You need a key to open the door from the inside. The double cylinder deadbolt lock is keyed on both the inside and outside of the door. It requires a key to open it from either side. Some people find this to be a problem in emergency situations since it requires that both keys are always available to unlock the deadbolt. In the event that one deadbolt lock is lost, you might find yourself in a serious predicament that you can’t get out of. Choosing a double deadbolt lock should be given serious consideration. A thumb turn lock has both a single and a double cylinder. It can be locked with a key.


There is no doubt why someone would ever use a padlock; they are sturdy and durable. However, this is not a permanent lock that is installed, rather, it is applied to a door. This means it can be easily removed from wherever it is. Some are keyed lock and others require a combination to open. The combination padlock requires a set code be arranged. Once the right combination is made, the lock will disengage. Some are rekeyable and others are non-keyable. The rekeyable lock means that you can change the key that opens it. You are unable to change the key when it is non-rekeyable.

Knob Locks

Again, this is one of the locks that you will usually find located on residential doors. This isn’t the type of lock that should be used as your only lock or main lock. The lock cylinder is actually situated in the knob. This means it can be rather easy to break. Even if you recognize a knob lock on the outside of someone home, we suggest that this type of lock only be installed inside your home (exterior doors). The lock that we recommend be used with the knob lock is a deadbolt lock.

Lever Handle Lock

The lever handle lock is often applied to the inside of a commercial business door. They give customers an easy and convenient way to simply push the door to open it. It offers a seamless entrance and exit process, which comes in handy when there is a lot of foot traffic.

Wall Mounted Lock

The wall-mounted lock is another type of lock that is often used for commercial businesses. This type of lock is most often installed while the building is being erected. Some of them also come with an alarm sensor that notifies you in case unauthorized entry is detected.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder Lock

This type of lock affords businesses convenience. The lock can be rekeyed without taking the entire key apart. Only the core would need to be replaced in order to change this type of lock. There are also two keys used to open this type of lock, a standard key and a control key. The ability to change the hardware of the lock also makes it convenient. This is the type of lock that you can’t install a deadbolt lock with. They don’t usually work together.

Rim Latch Locks

This type of lock has a rim latch on one side with a surface mount latch on the other side. This is the type of lock that is often installed on apartment doors. It shouldn’t be used as your only lock; a deadbolt should also be applied alongside it.

Again, when choosing a lock to have installed, be sure that you are familiar with your options so that you can maximize your level of security. When it comes to you safety and security, you’re lock is the first point of defense. You shouldn’t feel unsafe inside your own home and you don’t have to as long as you have the right locks installed by a trustworthy and reputable locksmith company in Chesapeake, VA like Chesapeake Secure Locksmith. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your security.

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